About Us


From left to right: Caroline Arrowsmith, Marcus Wearmouth, Chris Townsend, Lewis Bryer

Who are we?

ClaimsTech is a nationwide network of highly experienced chartered surveyors and engineers who specialise in sorting out property and building problems.

All of our network partners run their own businesses and typically have at least 15 years’ experience. Members have been specially selected for their technical expertise, customer care skills and ability to proactively manage issues to a successful conclusion.

ClaimsTech is the vehicle by which the network is able to provide nationwide coverage, and provides a management and technical function to ensure that the right decisions are being made at the right time.

Our priority is the customer. You may be a private homeowner with cracks appearing around the house or the representative of a multi-national corporation looking for additional resource or new innovative suppliers. You all receive the same professional service and advice.

How do we work?

ClaimsTech receives your new instruction and distributes it through our claims management system. The allocation is based upon the location and skills required for the work. Please simply click here to send us your instruction.

The selected consultant inspects the problem, establishes an action plan and prepares and issues reports, letters and recommendations. Routine communication and updates as matters progress, from the local consultant to the property owner, client and other parties as required.

We market our product by stating we have local expertise with national coverage. We also state that the client and customer can speak directly to the local expert and not via a member of support within a call centre. This is a difference which is unique within the marketplace.