Damp Surveys

If you see mould or damp in your house or property there may be another problem elsewhere in your home.

The solution is not always an obvious one and mould is often a symptom of a wider problem. A ClaimsTech survey can pinpoint the source of the damp and therefore the reason for the appearance of mould.

Mould is capable of growing on dry or painted walls as long as there is moisture in the air to sustain it.  If you have mould that keeps appearing, even after you clean it off your surface, then call us to find the source and show you how to stop the mould.

We take an ethical approach in providing you with an unbiased opinion and if there is no problem, then that is what we will tell you.  Our surveys include a full house survey, a report backed with evidence and a recommendation for any work required.

We can also oversee projects to ensure that if work is needed, it is carried out in the right areas.

There are many damp surveyors offering damp inspections. However, there is usually an alternate agenda and the free surveys are provided by businesses trying to sell a specific product that may not be correct to solve the problem.

If you have been quoted for work by one of these free damp surveys why not ask us for a second opinion. It would be much less costly to get a second opinion than to undertake unnecessary work on your property.

We work with major insurance companies, housing associations and private homeowners.

If you are moving into a house and suspect that it has a mould or damp problem we can survey the entire property to ensure that it is not a long-lasting problem. If you are trying to sell your house but are having problems with mould or damp then call us to find the source.