Building Flood Resilience & Surveying

Our team of professionals are experienced in the project management of building repair following flooding. Severe building damage can be a traumatic experience for a building owner, especially when they must contact a call centre for information and have to move out of their home. Our local approach, ensures constant communication and a visible presence of support.

On more complex flood cases, a project team is formed for design, calculations, quantity surveying, contract administration and CDM. This integrated approach allows us to effectively handle any type of disaster restoration, utilising the broad skills of our local network.

We are currently actively engaged with Flood Resilience Grant applications and can provide a service to any property owner to assist in obtaining the government grant.

  • Flood resistance measures, which can form a barrier against flood water, helping to keep it out of your home.
  • Flood resilience measures, such as waterproof tiling and raising electricity sockets in order to reduce the impact of any floodwater that does enter your property may have, as well as aiding the recovery process.

Each building, flood situation and person is unique, so it is very important to choose the right resistance/resilience measures to fit your circumstances. Our surveyor can design, cost and report on work required to reduce the impact of flooding. This service can help to provide you with peace of mind and is an important part of helping to protect your property.

Typical process

  • Instruction received and processed by head office
  • Local consultant appointed to manage the customer relationship
  • Appraisal report issued following first visit
  • Design, Schedule and Calculations
  • Asbestos survey if required
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Contract Administration

Key Benefits

  • Communication with local consultant throughout
  • Independent from the Loss Adjuster and Contractor
  • Transparent managed process with programme planning and site meetings
  • Compliance with statutory regulations
  • Demonstrably quicker timescales and cost control