Landslip & Retaining Walls


Investigating landslips and designing remedial works to stabilise the slope is a highly specialist activity where tens of thousands of pound can be wasted by adopting the wrong approach.

One of our consultants specialises in landslips and has dealt with over fifty such cases on a nationwide basis. Instructions relating to landslip are therefore headed by this specialist with the local consultant providing assistance as required.

Retaining walls

Most retaining walls fail because they were never designed to resist the applied loads. As such walls may progressively tilt with time and typically fail during or shortly after prolonged rains when the loading reaches a peak. In other cases there is no sign of distortion before total collapse of the wall.

In situations where the retained height of the wall is limited and there are no complications due to surrounding land use our local consultant would lead the case and refer back to our structural unit to produce a design and drawings for a replacement wall.

Where there are complications, for example the wall has a large retained height and/or is adjacent to a road or property, one of our two consultants who specialise in these matters will lead the claim.