Technical Referral

At Claimstech we offer a technical referral service for all building claims.  Our local surveying and engineering experts specialise in structural problems to both domestic homes and commercial properties.

We understand that insurance claims can be made for any type of building damage, not necessarily covered by an individual policy.  It is therefore important to correctly identify and report on a building problem so policy liability can be transparent.

Our specialist service includes effective and immediate emergency response to all structural and building damage caused as a result of extreme events.

  • Subsidence
  • Flood
  • Impact
  • Escape of water
  • Earthquake
  • Storm
  • Landslip
  • Fracking
  • Fire

This principal applies during a claim where additional or unforeseen damage can be identified.  Opening up any type of building can lead to an unexpected discovery that could have serious implications on claim spend and duration.

  • Movement of floors
  • Rot
  • Damp
  • Sideways movement / bulging of walls
  • Movement / sagging of roofs
  • Movement to walls due to inadequate beam or lintel support
  • Movement due to a lack of lateral restraint
  • Movement to retaining / garden walls
  • Direct impact damage to garden walls and drives from root growth
  • Movement to internal walls due to consolidation of made up fill located under the internal wall foundation

There are many other examples of defects that can occur to buildings and because of this, our consultants extensive knowledge and appreciation of the local site will assist in identifying the correct diagnosis of the defect.

Our independent appointment can cut through the problems that claims handlers encounter with a competent and clear appraisal of a situation.  Our consultants are all suitably experienced in insurance claims handling and understand the problems that arise.  Lack of communication with all parties involved, rising costs and disgruntled clients.  Our appointment as the expert satisfies all parties that the specific problem that has arisen is being managed and handled proactively and professionally.

Our local consultant will recommend the most effective repair recommendation based on the cause of the defect. The recommendation will be formalised in a report, clearly setting out the background with recommendations on repair.